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Wellglade Group rolls out Microlise system to Trent Barton Bus Division

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After an extensive review of suppliers and detailed piloting process - where a 9% fuel saving was achieved - Wellglade Group and Trent Barton Buses have selected Microlise as their transport management solutions provider.

Microlise's core tracking and telematics system, with additional modules, is to be fitted to 338 buses in the Trent Barton fleet.

The system deployed includes integration into the vehicles CANbus from the Microlise 3rd generation Tracking Unit (MTU3) to enable detailed driver performance information, displayed in the simple A-G rated Safe & Economical driving reports. Trent Barton will also be implementing the Microlise designed and developed Driver Feedback Module, to enable instant driver performance feedback in the cab of each bus.

Additionally, the system will be interfacing to the Trent Barton YOU TEXT US service whereby passengers receive estimated times of arrival for specific bus routes, providing increased added value to all users of the Trent Barton Bus service.

"Although Microlise operates on a worldwide basis, it's been a pleasure working so closely with local bus operator Trent Barton. In providing this Tracking & Telematics solution they are not only saving fuel and reducing carbon emissions but also improving passenger safety through driver performance improvement and training. The initial order to equip over 300 buses with Microlise Tracking & Telematics was a result of a solid pilot programme which showed an excellent return on investment, sustained throughout the process. We look forward to helping Trent Barton maintain and add to the benefits that our system has provided." Stated Chris Wallace, Microlise's Sales Director.

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