Vauxhall appoints new CV sales boss

04 January 2017

The UK’s third best-selling van brand has appointed a new National Sales Manager for its LCV operations.

Andy Savage takes up the helm at Vauxhall this week, replacing Richard Collier, who has been in the role for over a decade.

Most recently, Andy was National Fleet Sales Manager responsible for fleet car and commercial vehicle sales. In his new role, Andy is responsible for driving commercial vehicle sales – for both retail and fleet markets.

Andy brings a wealth of experience gained from 30 years with the General Motors organisation, covering financial services and fleet sales for the last 13 years.

“Andy’s experience and extensive knowledge of the Vauxhall brand make him perfect for this role,” said James Taylor, Vauxhall’s Fleet Sales Director.

“He knows Vauxhall inside-out and I’m confident that he will use his expertise to succeed in this position.”

Andy will report to James and also to Leon Caruso, Vauxhall’s Retail Sales Director.

Vauxhall had registered 35,517 vans to the end of November 2015, giving it a 10.19% share of the total LCV market in the UK.