Turkish electric vans to be sold in the UK

15 March 2017

A new name in electric powertrains is set to make its debut in the UK later this year, with Turkish manufacturer BD Auto and Energy committing to bring its vans to the market.

The Turkish company has been building pure electric vans for the past eight years and has so far put more than 400 vehicles into service across Europe.

The company uses vans from major European manufacturers and converts them in its Turkish factory to pure electric, with a GVW of between 3 and 4.25-tonnes.

Each van comes with a five-year or 150,000km warranty and will be offered with servicing or leasing packages.

Chris Jones, head of sales at BD Auto and Energy, said he had been meeting with key fleet customers and demonstrating products in London over recent months and is “convinced that this is the time to introduce” the vans to the UK.

“We are pleased to offer a zero-emission solution to business users in [the UK] as BD Auto vehicles are 100% electrically powered and produce no pollutants as well as having an excellent working range and large carrying capacities,” he said.