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Thermo King Launches V700 Max Spectrum

Published to the CV Show website on

Thermo King, the leading manufacturer of transport and logistics refrigeration units has unveiled its latest multi-temperature unit, the V700 Max Spectrum. The V700 Max Spectrum is the latest addition to the V-Series and is the most powerful multi-temperature unit in the vehicle powered range market place.

The V700 delivers increased capacity compared to the Thermo King V500 Max multi-temperature unit and in fact has a total nominal capacity 30 per cent higher than its direct competitors. In addition, the V700 Max Spectrum is a unit powered by the vehicle - not a diesel engine. This technological advance ensures the V700 Max Spectrum is the most environmentally friendly unit on the market.

An additional bonus is that the V700 Max Spectrum refrigeration unit is a low noise unit, allowing for inner city delivery at any time. Transport companies are no longer restricted to delivering goods at particular times, enhancing the time and cost effectiveness of each delivery and in turn increasing the fuel efficiency and environmentally-friendliness of each delivery.

Suitable for trucks up to seven metres long, the Thermo King V700 Max Spectrum refrigeration unit meets requirements for both transversal and longitudinal two-compartment configurations.

The V700 Max Spectrum in Use:

Guissona, a Spanish food manufacturer and supplier, had the first 18 V700 Max Spectrum refrigeration units installed on its fleet in early 2011. Distributing products from its warehouses in Guissona town, transporters delivered cargo to Guissona stores throughout North Eastern Spain. Each vehicle was required to partake in journeys 300-400 kilometres long, often more than once a day.

"On long distance deliveries, it is extremely important that clients save on fuel costs," says Eneko Fernandez, product manager of Vehicle Powered Truck. "The V700 series allows customers to do just that as the V700 Max Spectrum refrigeration unit draws power from the vehicle itself, not a separate diesel engine, meaning less fuel use per delivery. On average this unit allows Guissona to save in each truck in use €3000 a year on fuel compared to direct competitor's diesel powered units.

"The product design is also unique and stems from a client's need for the refrigeration unit to adapt to their changing needs. Initially, Guissona had smaller vehicles and so the smaller V500 multi-temperature unit was satisfactory. As the business developed, each load has grown considerably larger, creating a demand for larger transportation vehicles and thus, more powerful refrigeration units.

"Thermo King has really exceeded all expectations with the release of the V700 Max Spectrum. This V700 unit is functional and powerful, yet is fuel-efficient, eco-friendly and cost effective. The V700 Max Spectrum is the only refrigeration unit in the marketplace that really fulfills Guissona's requirements."

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