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RouteMagic: Complete management, visibility and control of distribution operations under one roof

Mobile Enterprise Systems Ltd specialises in end-to-end distribution management software across a range of industries and sectors, including Food & Beverage, general logistics, construction, healthcare, and workplace services.

Our team has over 2 decades of industry experience and technical expertise. This close understanding of operational challenges has been embedded into our software, enabling our customers to digitise their operations, reduce their cost of service, improve visibility & communications and achieve their goals for growth.

Since 2017, our parent company, Data Insights, have invested heavily in our latest software offering; RouteMagic.

Our aim is simple: Enable distribution businesses of any size or sector to eliminate paper, digitise & manage their business from end-to-end. RouteMagic is an affordable, quick-to-implement and easy-to-use solution that can be customised to suit even the most unique operational demands.

Streamlining distribution processes

RouteMagic is a cloud-based solution, comprised of a back-office system and a mobile application used by drivers.

The System is cloud-based, meaning there is no need for third-party hosting, and it can be accessed from any device, at any time.

The back-office system offers teams a complete order import, management, & processing module, dynamic route planning & optimisation, a route monitoring suite, and account management on customer, employee, product, and company levels.

Our mobile application provides drivers with a single space to carry out every task they have. They can view their scheduled orders and routes, make vehicle checks, log stock changes to and from the warehouse, capture electronic PODs at the point of delivery, and handle any type of payment.

Drivers are even prompted with customer-specific suggestions using detailed historical sales records, resulting in a more personalised service that builds loyalty and reputation.

Every report is instantly sent back to the offices for review & processing, streamlining and increasing the speed of the entire order-to-cash cycle.

A paperless future for distributors

The two components communicate and update one another seamlessly, allowing for complete visibility, improved flexibility, live tracking, and instant updates throughout the day which improves responsiveness.

By eliminating the need for paper trails, a long list of traditional challengers and barriers to growth can be overcome, including lost paperwork, time-consuming administrative tasks, error-prone workflows, and duplication of effort.

RouteMagic has been developed with the future of distribution in mind. From end-to-end, we want to help our customers leverage available technologies so they can improve their profitability, productivity, and customers services, which all, in turn, push them to the forefront of their sectors and industries.

For more information behind what we offer, and who we serve, visit our website at:

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