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Qargo will be present at the Commercial Vehicle Show in Birmingham in April - booth 5B71

Qargo will be present at the Commercial Vehicle Show in Birmingham in April - booth 5B71, where they will showcase their innovative platform and provide an opportunity for logistics providers to learn more about their services. If you're in the logistics industry and are looking to take your operations to the next level, Qargo is the solution you need.

About Qargo

Qargo, a tech startup, is transforming the transportation industry with their cloud-based transportation management system (TMS). Their platform streamlines the entire transport process, from order collection to final delivery, using cutting-edge technology. Qargo's TMS is renowned for its ability to plan, assign, and dispatch orders in just a few clicks. Their route planning engine optimizes stops, calculates distance and travel time, and even considers carbon emissions, making transport operations efficient and sustainable.

Qargo's TMS provides real-time visibility and tracking of shipments, loading, and delivery status. This level of transparency is achieved by integrating with your FMS or by using their mobile app. The app allows drivers to sync all relevant documents into the TMS, which can be easily accessed by you, your partners, and clients.

Qargo's TMS is suitable for all types of road transport, including last-mile delivery, intermodal, container transport, groupage, and full truck load of all sizes. The platform automates invoicing and other document preparation, which streamlines administrative tasks for those in the logistics industry.

Qargo is committed to providing great customer service, with a fast and personalized onboarding process, and support every step of the way. Their team aims to understand your business needs and guide you through the process of implementing their platform.

One satisfied customer is Evolution Connection, a logistics provider based in the United Kingdom. Founder and CEO, Ricky Fernando, praises Qargo's TMS for streamlining their logistics operations, reducing operational costs, and allowing them to focus on providing exceptional customer service. Fernando also commends Qargo's customer service, saying that their team took the time to understand their unique needs and provided them with a tailored solution that exceeded their expectations.

Qargo's innovative platform and commitment to exceptional customer service have made them a leader in the transportation industry. Their cloud-based TMS is transforming the way logistics providers operate, making it easier and more efficient for businesses of all sizes to manage their transportation needs.


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