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Pay as you go recovery now available on the go

Published to the CV Show website on

Successful Yorkshire business, RTR UK Ltd, who developed 'pay as you go' accident and breakdown cover, adds an iPhone App to their service. The Road To Recovery iPhone App now allows its members to rapidly access the service at the touch of a screen.

The App uses the member's phone's GPS to locate their position and then puts them through to RTR's call centre who despatch local recovery to the scene. The RTR (Road To Recovery) scheme, which is free to join, ensures the cost of recovery is 50-60% cheaper than contacting a local recovery operator direct - because all RTR providers sign up to a fair pricing commitment. A development that has seen increasing numbers of motorists and fleet operators moving from traditional breakdown cover and taking the Road To Recovery option.

"When we introduced a breakdown recovery scheme that you only pay for when you need it, our competitors thought we were mad. They trade on people's fears but the reality is that most modern cars are very reliable and the chances of a breakdown are actually quite small. We decided that people shouldn't have to take a chance and pay for a service they may not use but, if they did need it, that it should be priced fairly. We have now taken an innovative service and created an innovative way to access it through the App. We think it's the future of breakdown cover!" said Paul Hoyle, MD of RTR (UK).

The Road To Recovery scheme works by providing a central link between recovery operators, who benefit from higher volumes of business, and motorists who are spared the cost of a service they may never use but have the reassurance that it is available should they need it.

Currently the App is available for the iPhone and will be available on the App store shortly. It is also in the process of being developed for Android phones.

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