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31 AUG - 2 SEPT 2021 • NEC • BIRMINGHAM • UK

New report shows UK has Europe’s largest EV commercial fleet potential

A report published by Webfleet Solutions shows that UK light commercial fleets are more suited for EV conversion than anywhere else in Europe. It claims that 70% of light commercial vehicles and business cars in the UK could be replaced by EVs, compared to a European-wide average of 61%.

The research uses data captured from around 100,000 connected vehicles operated by more than 5,000 fleet customers across Europe. The researcher’s conclusions assumed that a vehicle driving less than 185 miles a day over a 12-month period could be replaced by an electric alternative, reflecting the growing range of the latest electrified models.

The report claims that if all customers who could make the switch to electric – according to the company’s estimates – did so, then their collective CO2 emissions could reduce by 31%.

Taco van der Leij, Webfleet Solutions Europe vice president, said, “For somebody managing a commercial fleet, one question is particularly important when considering switching to electric vehicles – will an EV be capable of efficiently and safely completing the sort of trips my vehicles take on a daily basis? Telematics data can help answer this question and actively support fleet managers in the electrification process. By aggregating this data from thousands of vehicles on the road, it serves as one important indicator to evaluate the potential of fleet electrification for commercial fleets across Europe.”


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