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Mind the Mexican scam

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CV Show and ATS organisers say that exhibitors are being hit by an online exhibitions and events directory called Expo Guide, based in Mexico.  Typically Expo Guide faxes a misleading form that looks like an organiser's free catalogue listing service.  This invites them to sign up for an entry in an on-line directory.  "If you fall for it, you'll find yourself locked into what looks like an irrevocable three year contract that costs €1,181 a year," says Bob Sockl of Crystal Communications, organiser for the CV Show.  "All you seem to get for you money is a list giving your firm's contact details and logo, but no stand number or list of exhibits."  Check Expo Guide on Google and you'll find lots of advice on this and similar scams.  Most suggest that if you get caught you should ignore all the letters and threats.  Also check the Association of Exhibition Organisers which has been successfully scam busting for years.  "Do check, it could save a lot of grief," says Sockl.
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