Long haul fuel cell project gets green light

14 June 2017

A Belgian hydrogen technology company has won a European grant to develop a new extended range fuel cell truck.

The H2Share Project, which begins with immediate effect, will be led by WaterstofNet and will see a 27-tonne electric, fuel cell-extended range, rigid truck going into service, with the chassis and body provided by Dutch manufacturer VDL.

The truck will be developed alongside its own mobile refuelling system, which is being co-ordinated by German technology firm Wystrach.

The truck and its mobile refuelling technology will be put on trial in six locations across Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and France. The company’s aim is to demonstrate the long-term viability of hydrogen fuel cells for long distances, as well as urban applications, with a view to creating a technology roadmap for the rollout of a proper hydrogen fuel cell refuelling network for road transport in Northern Europe.

The project and associated trials will run until March 2020.