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Liquid security for cross border transit

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Running Man Designs Ltd (RMD) has developed a unique cord which increases the security of cross border logistics.

The Problem

In one year, over 28,000 illegal attempts to enter the UK from Calais, Coquelles and Dunkerque were prevented. The total number of attempts is thought to be approximately 70,000 a year.

Drivers are often attacked by clandestines once they are detected. Some attacks result in hospital treatment for the driver whilst the clandestines flee.

If the clandestines remain undetected until the border checks, the driver and the company could each receive a £2,000 fine for each stowaway.

Some UK haulage companies have ceased trade with the rest of Europe through fear of unknowingly transporting clandestines into the UK. In addition, goods are often stolen from the back of a curtain sided trailer whilst the driver is parked or asleep.

The Liqi Cord Solution

The Liqi-Cord is a clear sheath filled with a pressurised fluorescent liquid and a plastic coated GMS (galvanised mild steel) cable. It has been designed to fit all curtain sided vehicles through the eyelets on the curtain clasps, making it easy to use whilst improving the security of the trailer and more importantly the driver.

When the cable is cut, the liquid sprays and leaks out making it visible to the driver, indicating a possible theft or clandestines on board. The bright liquid contaminates the newly cut ends, preventing them being re-glued. The liquid also acts as a deterrent to the potential clandestines. Most recent tests have shown the cable to be still intact when the liquid is leaked making the cord still usable.

Benefits and Unique Selling Points

The Liqi-Cord provides additional support for reducing clandestine activity. Existing methods provide limited security but do not prevent the cord from being re-connected. This can result in the breach being identified at the border and result in the prosecution of the driver and/or the company in addition to the seizure of goods and vehicle. The Liqi-Cord resolves these issues and provides an indication that illegal access into the trailer has been attempted. Additional benefits/USP's include:

* Installed with no additional training required
* Highly visible liquid leaks from the sheath once cut
* Contamination of the cut ends prevents being re-glued
* Liquid acts as visual deterrent to potential thieves and clandestines

Immediate identification of illegal vehicle incidents from a safe distance. This allows the driver to notify authorities at earliest opportunity.

Supports compliance with The Immigration and Asylum Act 1999 to protect drivers and companies against prosecution

Latest Developments

We have received positive feedback from some well known haulage operators. Recently TAPFreight, returned from a route through France, Holland, Germany and Belgium with the Liqi-Cord. The driver liked its appearance and feedback has been very positive, most notably from other drivers who have seen the cord on the vehicle.

".. the Liqi-cord was quicker and easier to fit than a standard TIR cord. The greatest result was that even though the lorries ran the gauntlet of the Calais border crossing, there was no attempt to tamper with the cord." - Mick Tasker, Fleet Manager, TAP Freight.

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