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LEGEND partners with more than 10 Stands across the Commercial Vehicle Show

LEGEND Fleet Solutions is a supplier of commercial vehicle floors, wall and ceiling liners, and accessories. Since entering the UK market several years ago, fleets and end-users alike have come to love LEGEND’s extremely strong, lightweight, and sustainable linings for van – an obvious alternative to ply. At CV Show 2023, LEGEND has many partners and collaborators that will be showcasing the interior products they offer.
Stay tuned for details on a secret contest bringing all these brands together – what you will receive for visiting all the booths, be entered to win, and more!

Head of Business Development, Ronnie Mitchell, said “We’re really proud to be able to work with so many incredible partners including OEM’s, fleets, and fitters, with their vans, to showcase how we can reduce weight and protect vehicles with light, strong, and sustainable van liners and floors across the CV show.”
LEGEND will be showcasing many of its products in a variety of vehicles. These products will include their EVOLVE flooring option, Duratherm Wall and Ceiling Liners, and some fantastic vehicle accessories to top it off.

LEGEND X Van Guard (#5F65)
Van Guard is announcing two new products at CV Show this year, and considering the high quality of their existing roster they are sure to be big hits.
Van Guard will be bringing a demo van fully equipped with LEGEND brand StabiliGrip floor, EconoLite walls, and Duratherm Ceiling.

TVL is returning to the CV show with its acclaimed Tell TVL initiative, a network where victims of vehicle theft can share their experiences and new methods of robbery are discovered. TVL goes out of its way to not only ensure vehicles have quality locks but also to prevent as much theft-related damage as possible.
TVL will be showcasing two vehicles at CV Show 2023 that have LEGEND equipment, including StabiliGrip floors, EconoLite walls, and Duratherm ceilings.

LEGEND X Qi (#5C42)
Qi Van Systems brings its team of vehicle conversion experts to this year’s CV Show. For almost 40 years, Qi has been offering full vehicle conversions and handled every step of the process, from manufacturer to end-user. Qi will be showcasing a Ford E-Transit with LEGEND StabiliGrip and EconoLite.

LEGEND X Ford (#5E10 & #5E20)
Ford is using the CV show 2023 opportunity to showcase their Transit Custom as it makes its debut in the UK. Besides this exciting development, they’ll also be displaying new products, services, and entire lineups.
Clark’s Vehicle Conversions handled the upfitting for the Ford display, and their Head of Sales David Chilvers said:” To continue the low carbon footprint ethos of these conversions, we have also partnered with ‘Legend’ who provide environmentally friendly interior lining & bulkhead solutions. Working with the team to ensure we have the best solutions in place has been extremely rewarding.”

LEGEND X Locks 4 Vans (#5E70)
At this CV show, Locks 4 Vans will be bringing facts and data regarding the latest trends for crime and cargo theft. They’ll also be demonstrating how their products counteract these methods of thievery.
Locks 4 Vans will have 3 LEGEND installations demonstrating how a combination of their industry-leading security products combined with LEGEND StabiliGrip, EconoLite, and Duratherm can make vehicles comfortable and safe simultaneously.

LEGEND X Iveco (#5A80 & #5A100)
Iveco has an exciting reveal at this CV show with the eDaily’s public debut. Iveco is out to prove that an EV doesn’t require a compromise and can do everything a traditionally fuelled vehicle can and more.
From Iveco, Mike Cutts, Business Line Director, said: “The IVECO eDaily delivers customers a class-leading payload - something preserved by Legend’s lightweight flooring – allowing operators to maximize range and cargo carrying capabilities. The Legend solution uses recycled materials which also perfectly aligns with the eDailys environmental mission.”
The new eDaily will be presented with LEGEND EVOLVE flooring, EconoLite walls, and a DuraTherm ceiling.

LEGEND X Rhino (#5E63)
Announcing their first internal racking product to market, Rhino Products are set to exclusively showcase their new MR4 modular racking to visitors at the CV Show in April.
Speaking on the new launch, Steve Egerton, Group CEO, said: “We are extremely proud to be revealing our first internal racking product, MR4, at the CV Show this year. 2022 was an extremely exciting year for the Rhino Products Group, with a wealth of new external accessories launched, and we are proud to be starting 2023 with our very first internal product in our 20-year history. Rhino’s focus has always been around continuous product development and innovation, and we are excited to be applying these same principles to this new product range.”
Partnering with Legend Fleet Solutions, Rhino is displaying the new racking product on the Legend Stabiligrip flooring, providing a seamless finish to the product.

LEGEND X E-Trux (#5D88)
E-Trux is bringing its expertise on electric vehicles to CV Show this year and will have its team there to answer questions and help convert vehicles to fulfill its Evolve Program. It’ll also have a range of refrigerated vehicles and examples to demonstrate electric vehicles that need to move temperature-controlled goods.
E-Trux will be presenting with a new electric build that contains a LEGEND AutoMat floor.

VFS is a manufacturer of high-quality body kits for commercial vehicles, and they have stood out at previous CV Shows with their unique display ideas. This year they have a display wall for their crew cab conversion that will showcase a kit that includes LEGEND brand EVOLVE floor, EconoLite Walls, and Duratherm ceiling.

LEGEND X Maxus (#5D110)
Maxus is once again bringing its all-electric stand to CV show. They’re bringing a panel of experts on electric transportation and sustainability. To this year’s show they’re bringing vehicles primed with LEGEND brand Evolve flooring and a mix of DuraTherm and EconoLite wall liners. Checking out their booth with give the chance to learn about a green path for the future of transportation.

Try to visit every booth with LEGEND in it to see how LEGEND will work best for your vehicles.



Contact: Brendan Church
Company: Legend Fleet Solutions
Phone: (226) 458-5505

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