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LEGEND is here to replace all the plywood in the commercial vehicle industry

The van floor liners you’ve been waiting for.
They’re here to replace plywood.

LEGEND GLOBAL, a Canadian company that supplies van upfitters with floor and wall liners for interiors, has been innovating on the idea of a van floor for years. The traditional plywood wasn’t enough for LEGEND and they, in response, developed several lines of comfortable, environmentally friendly, composite floor liners. These lines include their EVOLVE, StabiliGrip, and AutoMat products.

LEGEND’s goal with these new floor liners is to help people who spend day in and day out on the road by making them more comfortable. Workers who are spending upwards of 7 hours each day in the back of their company vehicles can consider this space their mobile office, and LEGEND aims to make that space as accessible to them as possible.

Truly Sustainable, Recycled, Lightweight, Extremely Durable, Long-Lasting, Precision Cut, Easy to Install, Alternative to Plywood

Plywood is a comparably weak solution for flooring that will splinter and break under even day to day stresses such as dropped tools. Additionally, moisture serves a particular threat if it enters the wood, expanding it and causing anomalies in the strength and quality. LEGEND Composite floors have no such weaknesses and while they maintain their integrity, they also uphold a clean and professional appearance.

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