CM wishes you were here

It’s easy to get bored while on holiday, away from your business and away from your vehicles.

So take Commercial Motor with you and stand a chance of winning a Flip high-definition camcorder.

“We’re looking for the best and most creative holiday snap of you reading your CM,” says Justin Stanton, editor, who will judge the competition. “The more imaginative the photo, the more foreign the country, the more strange the surroundings, the more chance you have of winning.”

Entry is simple: email a picture of you reading CM on holiday to by 8 September. Include your name, job title, and the name of your employer, your email address and your telephone number. And type “CM Wish You Were Here Competition” in the subject line.

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Obama Praises Smith Electric Vehicles

Barack Obama praised workers at Smith Electric Vehicles’ US factory in Kansas City on a Presidential visit last week.

Obama said: “This has been a difficult period for America: two years of brutal recession; a decade of economic insecurity, but what you are proving here at Smith Electric is the promise of a brighter future.”

He commended Smith Electric Vehicles US Corporation on hiring its 50th worker, as it expands production of the Newton all-electric truck.

The US Government is providing $32m in grant aid to the firm to help it build 500 Newtons.

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Smith US Granted Deal Talks Extension

Smith Electric Vehicles US Corporation remains locked in talks to buy the entire Smith Electric Vehicles operation out of parent company Tanfield Group Plc.

Tanfield owns 100% of Smith Electric Vehicles UK and 49% of Smith US, which builds the Smith Newton electric truck under license in North America. In March, Smith US made a conditional offer to buy Tanfield’s 49% stake, the license agreement and the Smith UK business.

Tanfield has granted Smith US a 60-day extension to its exclusivity period, which gives Smith US until September to table a formal offer.

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Greatest British haulier

Who should be crowned the Greatest British Haulier of All Time?

Truck & Driver magazine wants to know who you would vote for.

“What makes the Greatest British Haulier?” According to T&D editor Will Shiers, it’s up to you; it doesn’t matter if a firm is still in business or shut its doors years ago. “Think about the trucks, loads and destinations and how drivers fare. What about the bosses and their image? Has your winner helped raise public sympathy for the industry? You might choose a haulier you work(ed) for or just one you admire.”

Pick up the September issue of T&D, for an entry form, it’s out now, or enter on-line at:

And to thank people for their nominations, he’ll enter everyone who sends one into a draw to win a Corgi Hauliers of Renown model.

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Back Again

Holidays and IT problems mean we’ve missed more summer issues than planned. But all is sorted now; we’re glad to be back and sorry to have been away longer than expected.
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And finally

New Scientist’s Feedback column says that one of its readers, John Gledhill discovered that you risk rebuke if you ignore the instructions that come with a Swan Teasmade kit: “Do not remove the teapot from the base during the filling cycle,” they say, “as scolding water will be ejected.”
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