UK gets new 7.0 tonne Daily and EcoDaily

Iveco has extended its UK range of Daily and EcoDaily vans and light trucks with a series of new 7.0 tonne van, chassis cab and crew cab models.

These offer a 4.7 tonne body and payload allowance, 470kg more than 6.5 tonne models. Iveco says this is more than many medium range trucks and “testament to the Daily’s truck-derived heritage.” The chassis is 2,174m narrow, “making the range ideal” for urban work where Iveco says it offers a “viable alternative” to fleets running 7.5 tonners, particularly those delivering dense goods like newspapers, stationery and drinks.

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Krone wins repeat Dennis deal

Dennis Distribution just got two new Krone Cool Liner Duoplex GRP trailers.

The Yorkshire-based transport firm now has nine Krone trailers in its 70 strong fleet; the others are four milk tankers and three curtainsiders. The new Cool Liners will carry Dovecote Park’s beef products from Yorkshire to distribution centres in Southern England.

They also carry a ten-year paint corrosion cover. Richard Dale, transport manager and partner at the firm is “very pleased” with its Krone trailers following their 18 months dairy products work.

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Sun, sea, sand – and Commercial Motor

The sun has gone to the heads of those fine journalists at Commercial Motor: they’re producing a summer sizzler on 12 August.

“As well as all the usual news and legal coverage you expect from the transport industry bible,” Justin Stanton says the “special summer sizzler” will have a group test of five 120-tonners and a story on the logistics of running a holiday camp.

There is also a countdown of the top 10 truck liveries and a countdown of the most famous vans from the big and small screen. Then there’s the shocking truth uncovered about trucking celebrities and an exposé on the top 10 traffic black-spots for the summer and beyond.

Taking a holiday will be no excuse for missing it, but it’s a “bring your own sun cream” deal. Don’t forget either.

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Germany well prepared for upturn

Last year, across the whole German commercial vehicle industry, sales dropped to half their previous level.

Some firms, trailer makers and bodybuilders, lost 80% of their sales. Despite that the industry retained 95% of its permanent staff, “leaving it well prepared for the upturn,” said Matthias Wissmann, president of the Verbund der Deutsche Automobile Industrie (Association of the German auto industry).

He was speaking at the VDA’s excellent commercial vehicle industry “curtain raiser” press conference, ahead of its huge IAA truck show in Hannover this autumn.

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Iveco aims at recovery sector

The recovery sector is a prime target market for Iveco’s newly extended Daily and EcoDaily vans and light truck range in the UK.

This includes new 7.0 tonne van, chassis cab and crew cab models. “The vehicle recovery sector is one where the Iveco range is already very popular,” said Martin Flach, UK product director. “A fully-laden 7.0 tonne EcoDaily can carry a bigger load than three regular 3.5 tonners combined.”

There are four wheelbase lengths between 3,450, and 4,750mm for the chassis cab and crew cab models and the new 7.0 tonners come with either a six-speed manual or the optional AGile automated transmission. Driver’s airbag, central locking and electric windows are standard.

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German commercial vehicle industry up 5%

For the German commercial vehicle industry the signs of recovery are “clearly visible.”

This year commercial vehicle registrations are up by 4%. German truck exports have also “increased significantly”, by 57% since the start of the year. “This year we expect to see the domestic market for heavy vehicles climb to 64,000 units, said Matthias Wissmann of the VDA. “That represents growth of 5%.”

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Anti-siphon device for Daily and EcoDaily

Iveco and long-term partner Tiss Security Systems have launched a new anti-siphon device for Daily and EcoDaily vans and light trucks.

The TankSafe Daily is based on Tiss’ popular TankSafe Standard unit for trucks, which Tiss says is “the most effective basic fuel protection system” available. Modified to fit the Daily models, the new unit offers the same level of protection. It is available exclusively through Iveco dealers, to fit new or in-service vehicles. Iveco has offered Tiss fuel security devices for its UK range since 2006 and has now extended the deal worldwide.

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Know your batteries

Dundee-based Axeon has published a “Guide to Batteries” to help people understand automotive batteries.

This is free to download from, the firm’s website. The guide has general information on batteries, charging and related infrastructure.

It also covers different cell chemistries, some probable future developments. It also gives an overview of battery management systems, critical for safety and performance.

Axeon says it is Europe’s largest independent lithium-ion automotive battery supplier. “Battery technology will play a major role in product development across all sectors of the automotive industry,” said Lawrence Berns, Axeon CEO.

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More Scottish Rewards

Transport News has added two new categories to its annual Transport News Scottish Rewards celebration breakfast.

They are:

  • Top Health & Safety Conscious Company, sponsored by Glasgow Training Group
  • Fuel Savings Initiatives, sponsored by Freight Best Practice Scotland.

These join the other 14 categories, including Scottish Haulage Company of the Year and Scottish Industry Personality of the Year. “Nominations for all close on 22 September,” said Alistair Vallance, editor. You’ll find a form in the August issue of Transport News or you can download one from

“With all the tables allocated, it’s a full house for this Iveco-supported event which is the industry’s biggest indoor social gathering north of London.” Speakers at the event in Glasgow’s Crowne Plaza Hotel on the morning of Friday 5 November include Scottish Traffic Commissioner Joan Aitken.

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UK management moves at MAN

MAN Truck & Bus UK Ltd says that in July Des Evans resumed his CEO job.

At the same time, Vince Welsh moved from the firm’s Bus & Coach division to be UK aftersales director.

Michael Latham is now director, branch operations, responsible for MAN’s 18 workshops.

Sandy Millar is now UK sales director, responsible for MAN Direct Retail Sales and Top Used as well as sales engineering, planning and logistics.

Roy Morton takes charge of key international accounts, municipal and special products as well as bus, coach, engines and components.

Axel Herrmann stays as chief financial officer and David Williams, HR director also gets to handle quality, health, safety and environment.

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