Z-Con to cut fuel theft

US firms TCH and Zonar say they have a new system to authorise fuel sales at truck stops across the US and Canada.  Called Z-Con, this will allow trucking firms to cut fuel theft at the pump, “improve information accuracy and increase reporting frequency.”  The firms say that cutting human error will make fuelling more efficient for drivers, truck stops and hauliers.  They will fit kit at participating truck stops across North America.  Trucks with the relevant Zonar telematics devices can then use the system to deliver automatic and instant records of fuel transactions.  Z-Con cuts the need for drivers to swipe a fuel card and ensures that only the correct truck gets fuelled.
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Aire books for CV Show

Aire Truck Bodies and its Aire Body Care subsidiary have booked a stand at next April’s CV Show, at the National Exhibition Centre.  The firm has been a long-standing supporter of the event because it can “meet more customers in three days” there than it can in six months of normal business, according to Peter Rotherham, its head of business development, who is “cautiously optimistic about the next couple of years.”  The CV Show has delivered “plenty of repair and maintenance business for bodies and tail-lifts as well as valuable enquiries for new bodywork.”  Customers include big contract hire and fleet operators and smaller firms for one-off deals.
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More than just a transport boss

Peter Larner, MD at Suckling Transport has written another novel.  Deathbed Confessions, released last Friday in the US, will be available in the UK in a couple of weeks, through bookshops and Amazon.  It is the sequel to Lost in a Hurricane.  The third in the series, The Unfolding Path, is due next autumn.  “Running a successful transport firm needs a lively imagination and I’ve enjoyed using this in a different direction,” says Larner.  Deathbed Confessions has Jack Daly’s mother die and Daly find evidence that suggests the lady had a relationship with two brothers caught up in gangland killings.  One might have been his father.  Daly checks and finds deathbed confessions that show their true stories.  “The plot is nearly as complicated as successful logistics.”
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Positive sustainability report from SMMT

The SMMT’s 11th annual sustainability report shows that the UK automotive industry has made “significant progress” in cutting CO2 emissions, waste and energy use.  This is despite the recent economic crisis.  Total energy use and CO2 emissions continued to fall in 2009.  The report shows progress in social, environmental and economic sectors of the industry through 2009.  Last year the industry took £23.8bn of the UK’s total exports and employs over 700,000 people.   “The recent string of global investments in the UK-based development and production of low carbon technologies are indicative of the longer-term strength of the sector,” said Paul Everitt, SMMT chief executive.
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US Class 8 truck sales up 21%

Transport Topics reports a “strong surge” by Freightliner Trucks led heavy-duty US truck sales to a 21% increase in September.  This was the ninth straight month of rising Class 8 sales.
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Ten Versas for Shrewsbury Park & Ride

Arriva will use ten new Optare Versa midibuses worth some £1.5m to service a new contract in Shrewsbury.  The new buses will work between the city and its three Park & Ride sites.  Arriva Midlands and Shropshire Council specified Versa after trials involving several vehicles.  The criteria included fuel use, emissions and passenger capacity.  The Versa’s modern styling also helped it win the deal, as it should prove appealing to passengers.  The first of the 11-metre Mercedes-Benz powered Versas will be delivered soon.  Each has CCTV, full colour Hanover destination boards, a unique livery and 38 Esteban high back seats with headrests.
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Vauxhall supports Van Best Practice

Vauxhall just said it supports the UK Department of Transport’s Van Best Practice programme.  This aims to help van users to save money by improving the efficiency of their vehicles.  It offers free advice to firms of all sizes to show they can cut costs and emissions.  Vauxhall plans to promote Van Best Practice through its website and its van customer magazine, The Wheels of Business.  “We’ve always been keen to help businesses reduce costs and their impact on the environment,” says Steve Bryant, brand manager for Vauxhall Commercial Vehicles.
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Tiss success at Automechanika 2010

Tiss Security Systems says it is still processing the “huge number” of enquiries and leads generated from promoting their TankSafe range of Fuel Security Devices at Automechanika in Frankfurt last month.  “We were thrilled with the response and, in particular, the interest surrounding the TankSafe ‘Impregnable’ device,” said Matthew Rose, director at the firm.  “With rising fuel prices, most of the visitors to our stand told us it is more important than ever to protect fuel.”  Tiss says it had more than 65 “strong enquiries” from 24 different countries around the world.
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Trucks to pay for pollution

The EU wants member states to charge trucks for air and noise pollution as well as infrastructure costs.  The idea is to revise the “Eurovignette Directive” to help member states deal with congestion problems better.  The plan offers the opportunity to charge different rates for using the same piece of road at different times of day.  “It is part of a much broader drive to create a ‘fair financial’ framework for transport where prices for the different transport modes reflect the real costs to society and the taxpayer,” according to Siim Kallas, vice-president of the European Commission and responsible for transport.
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Protect your cat

Retainagroup and Cat Clamp have developed a system to protect catalytic converters against theft from vans and other vehicles and make them easier to recover if they are stolen.  The firms say that the combination of the precision-made clamp and Retainagroup’s highly visible, secure marking and registration system presents a formidable challenge to criminals.  In future, each stainless steel clamp will have a special label that can’t be removed without leaving evidence.  There is also a fluid to permanently etch a Retainagroup unique code and telephone number of the company’s secure database, the International Security Register into each catalytic converter.  This offers immediate identification if a theft occurs.
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