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Increased Diesel and Wage Costs Have Pushed Many Fleet Operators to the Edge; Commercial Fleets Need to Maximise Efficiencies to Remain Competitive in a Tough Operating Environment

BIRMINGHAM, The CV Show, May 24, 2022: Geotab Inc., a global leader in IoT and connected
transportation, is showcasing the best in telematics technology at the CV Show to reduce vehicle costs and maximise route efficiencies. As fleet operators face some of the most critical price hikes in recent history, it is more important than ever to ensure we are making the most from our existing vehicles.

With fuel accounting for over 60% of an operator's costs, it is crucial to make the best of every drop. Diesel prices have increased by 58% since June 2020, to more than 175ppl, according to government figures1. With HGV drivers also receiving double-digit pay rises, the pressure on haulage companies has never been greater. Now is the time to make sure fleets are operating to their full potential and maximising efficiencies.

David Savage, Vice President, UK & Ireland, Geotab, says: “Commercial vehicle fleets are facing a double whammy of increased costs and competitive pressures. We’ve experienced a fuel price hike that in many cases, can’t be passed on to clients. At the same time, a driver shortage is forcing wage prices sky high.

Many commercial operators are operating on the margins of profitability. Without the means to invest heavily in new equipment, what they need to do is maximise the resources they have, and ensure they are making the most of their existing resources. For a small investment in telematics every month, they can manage and operate fleets to get the best effort from every driver and every vehicle in their fleet, whether that is a petrol, diesel, or electric powered.”

Geotab works on the following Six Pillars of Innovation to keep control of fleet costs and enhance driver safety, using its telematic solutions:

Productivity: In order to maximise productivity, it is vital to keep track of fuel usage, or battery energy consumption if you are driving an EV. The Geotab Green Fleet Dashboard is a tool for monitoring a fleet’s performance in improving fuel economy and reducing emissions. The dashboard allows users to monitor the fleet’s average fuel energy usage, cost, and resulting emissions on a total or economic basis. The Geotab Fleet Fuel Management System also provides information to help operators save costs and increase efficiency.

Maintaining a view of fuel usage helps inform fleet fuel usage and coaching on fuel efficient driving.

Sustainability: In order to realise where costs can be cut, and where efficiency can be increased, data insights from telematics solutions can help support a fleet sustainability strategy. For example, insights can deliver sustainability benefits including optimised routing for a wide variety of delivery and service vehicles and fuel management reporting reduces idling and improves fuel efficiency, while the utilisation and efficiency monitoring to right-sized vehicles ensures the most efficient equipment for the job.

Our Electric Vehicle Suitability Assessment survey showed four-in-ten conventional petrol or diesel powered fleet vehicles were ready and suitable to switch to EVs today - providing a carbon free transport alternative.

Fleet optimisation: The efficient performance of a fleet includes everything from driver training and compliance, data preservation, fleet maintenance, contract management, and route planning and optimisation. Telematics provides the tools to keep your fleet on track. Crucially, it allows for planning ahead with predictive maintenance schedules to prevent breakdowns or loss.

Route planning is especially important for tightening routes to boost fleet productivity. Fleet managers can design routes for the best vehicles, assess missed or out-of-order stops, compare planned versus actual routes, and view travel times and times spent in defined zones.

Expandability: Geotab’s growing Partner Network allows commercial operators to seamlessly integrate third-party hardware solutions from the Geotab Marketplace to meet their business goals. From sensors and cameras, to mobile apps, our extensive ecosystem is built to help businesses thrive.

Safety: Geotab is committed to driver and operator safety. Our solution can help decrease the likelihood of collisions by monitoring and acting on key fleet metrics. Fleet managers can get to know their drivers and their habits in MyGeotab , with safety dashboard reports, custom safety alerts, advanced collision avoidance systems and more.

Compliance: Fleet managers use Geotab’s telematics to monitor and improve driver safety on the road. Geotab has a range of solutions to support the Duty of Care, making it easy to track drivers’ hours, set up maintenance reminders, identify speeding and aggressive driving behaviour, and coach drivers.

For a full briefing on the Six Pillars of Innovation and how Geotab can help a commercial fleet save money, please contact us to arrange a briefing on stand 5D75 at the CV Show.

1. Weekly road fuel pricing, National Statistics



Tony Brown
Geotab communications manager - Europe
07796 888955

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