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23 - 25 APRIL 2024 • NEC • BIRMINGHAM • UK

Hydrogen's Role in Decarbonising Transport, an Insight into the Future of Commercial Fuelling

There is currently a lot of conjecture throughout the industry with regard to which technology will prevail in the race to decarbonise transport.

Some argue electrification is the way to go, while others fervently insist that CNG or hydrogen is the most appropriate solution, and many support of the application of biofuels, like HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil), as an intermediate solution until new drive train technology reaches maturity.

The fact is that to meet the 2050 target of Net Zero, a combination of all these existing and possibly even new technologies will be necessary.

As industry continues to decarbonise, looking to the future, Hydrogen will certainly have its role to play, especially when it comes to the commercial vehicle sector. This gaseous fuel will be fundamental for heavy transport and off-road applications. Commercial Fuel Solutions Limited are one company who are looking to escalate Hydrogen’s uptake and have already developed a reputation as an authority in this emerging sector.

Managing Director, Robin Futcher, is an accomplished engineer with a wealth of experience spanning over 26 years and has worked on a diverse range of projects, from developing equipment for the British Antarctic Survey to use in sub-zero temperatures to providing systems for leading Formula 1 teams.

Robin also has extensive expertise in developing regulatory guidance and currently serves on numerous technical committees for gaseous hydrogen fuelling, including BSI, British Standards Institute and ISO, the International Organisation for Standardisation.

This April, at the upcoming CV show, Robin will bring his knowledge and expertise to the fore and will be presenting at this year’s ‘Road Ahead’ Theatre Programme, where he will deliver a concise insight into the Role of Hydrogen in Future Transport, followed with an open Q&A session.

Robins’ presentation takes place on Tuesday the 18th April at 14:30 at the ‘Road Ahead’ Theatre located in the main halls.

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