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23 - 25 APRIL 2024 • NEC • BIRMINGHAM • UK

Exhibitor FAQs

Q What size is each Shell Scheme panel?
A Each panel and two poles is 2.5m high x 1 m wide

Q What is the display area on each Shell panel so I can attach graphics?
A The display area of each panel is 2340mm x 923mm

Q Can I remove the facia and name board?
A This may be possible dependent on the size and location of your stand. Please contact

Q How do I order my Exhibitor badges?
A The Commercial Vehicle Show does not provide Exhibitor name badges. Exhibitor access passes are available by completing the Exhibitor Badges

Q Where do I get passes from for my contractor?
A Once you have submitted the contractor details click here for form we will be in touch directly with your contractor

Q Where does my contractor send my stand plans to?
A Stand plans should be submitted to Susan Kitchener, Operations Manager at

Q I am interested in sponsorship, who do I contact?
A Please contact Tim Mustin or tel: +44 (0) 20 7630 2102

Q Why are my company details on the website incomplete?
A You have probably not completed all the relevant paperwork please complete Free Web Site & Show Guide Editorial Form including Product Locator or contact Susan –

Q How much does it cost to park per day?
A Exhibitors can apply for a limited number of free car parking passes for the exclusive use of stand personnel. Click here for car parking form. Anything over and above is charged at £12.00 per day (tbc).

Q Where can I find a copy of the most recent floorplan?
A Please click here.
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