Driver training brings fuel savings benefits to key Scania customer

15 January 2019

Training offered to LGV operators as part Scania’s repair and maintenance package has seen 13 drivers from one customer achieve an 11 per cent improvement in fuel economy.

Mulgrew Haulage took advantage of four training sessions that are offered to all operators who sign-up for the truck maker’s inclusive repair and maintenance packages, with the training courses fulfilled by Scania’s Driver Services team.

Northern Ireland-based Mulgrew operates 125 Scania trucks and has a total of 70 trucks already on order for 2019.

“The figures being achieved here clearly demonstrate a win-win situation for both parties,” said Paul Johnson, Scania’s General Manager for Connected and Driver Services.

“An 11% fuel saving is hugely significant, while better and smoother driving means reduced wear and tear and fewer premature failures.

“That is not only good from a repair and maintenance provider’s point-of-view, it also benefits the customer by increasing uptime and enhancing their total operating economy.”

“Commercially we need to be competitive and constantly monitor all our costs, fuel economy is at the top of this list,” said Mulgrew’s Operations Director, Dermot Mulgrew Jnr.

“Customers do not pay for our inefficiencies, they depend on us to provide a cost-effective and sustainable service. As professional operators we also have an environmental responsibility to think of.

“With the complimentary training sessions offered within the repair and maintenance package, Scania helps us to improve on both these fronts.”