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Commercial Vehicle Show 2022 Press Package - CKO International

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CKO have been involved in the design, development, and distribution of vehicle safety products and solutions for over 30 years. We work directly with established manufacturers in the UK, Europe, and Far East to meet the safety and leisure requirements of our customers in the commercial vehicle and automotive industries. CKO hold an extensive range of products; with competitive lead times to meet customer requirements.

Our knowledgeable team of staff are on hand to offer tailored support, allowing you to easily navigate complex requirements to ensure that your vehicles are compliant. CKO always demonstrate clear capability when it comes to facilitating your regulatory standard queries (such as FORS and DVS standards) to operate your fleet within the modern commercial vehicle world. Our aim is to take the trouble out of meeting these standards in a dynamic environment, where rules and regulations are constantly changing. Solutions such as DVR, DVS, Suzi Kits, Mirror Monitors, and Dash Cameras are the most popular systems supplied by CKO that aid in compliance. These systems help to provide clear observation of the rear, front, and sides of your vehicle when reversing and manoeuvring - significantly reducing the likelihood of collisions/accidents, and therefore reducing the need for time-consuming and costly repairs.

In a world of continually evolving technology, CKO will always be on hand to upgrade your systems to the latest versions, ensuring that you have high-quality imagery across your fleet.

For our DVR solution, the unit records via SD card or hard drive, allowing playback via these two options or through Live View. Live View is our secure, multi-network video streaming and GPS tracking software system that allows customers to view individual vehicles and whole fleets remotely, through real-time and historical footage. Offering market-leading functionality, Live View is available as both desktop software and an easy-to-use mobile app. Not only does the Live View system support efficiency and control over your fleet, but it also aids in increasing vehicle safety - both for your drivers and the general public.

The system operates across several networks and offers up to 16 separate streams simultaneously, providing complete visibility for Fleet Managers. Live View can provide immediate alerts when a vehicle has been involved in an accident, allowing your team to ensure that all pertinent video footage is captured and stored immediately, rather than discovering the incident afterwards and having to spend hours finding the relevant material.
This ensures that incidents can be managed swiftly, claims can be supported or rebuffed, and driver behaviour can easily be monitored.

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