Christmas quiz queries

Some of the answers to questions provoked some lively debate.  The answer to Nr 19 is Alan Alda, not Alder; my apologies to the gentleman.  The Doldrums, in question 35 are in the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific oceans, not just the Indian.  It is a band of light and unpredictable winds around the equator.  I got that wrong too.  But the Tour de France was the subject of most concern.  I gave Lance Armstrong as having won the race a record six times, which is what his website said.  Many cyclists insist he won seven times.  Then the Tour de France website told me that Fabian Cancellara won the 2010 event.  But it didn’t tell me that a drug abuse query raises continued questions over his victory.  So I may have inadvertently misled you; more apologies to all concerned.
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