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CameraMatics Launches iCOACH Driver Coaching – The Ultimate Integrated Training Solution for Fleets that Encourages Safer Driving

- CameraMatics adds AI-based driver training tool to its fleet management platform, boosting safety and helping to cut emissions

DUBLIN, Ireland – 18th April, 2023 CameraMatics, a leading global driver safety provider, has bolstered its innovative range of fleet management solutions with the launch of iCOACH – ground-breaking driver coaching modules which integrates real-time behavioural data and online driver coaching to improve driver safety and reduce emissions.

CameraMatics’ smart AI technology enables the auto-capture, recording and notifications of driving incidents, triggered by events such as driver distraction and fatigue, and aggressive driving habits including hard braking, acceleration and cornering. From today, all drivers using CameraMatics can receive access to the iCOACH driver safety coaching programme.

The introduction of iCOACH helps to further differentiate CameraMatics’ solutions from the rest of the market, as the first end-to-end coaching solution that not only monitors driving and provides notifications of any incidents during journeys, but also uses AI to interpret data and provide specific coaching that can help drivers to complete journeys as efficiently and safely as possible.

iCOACH includes a self-reflective test that provides drivers with insights into how their strengths and weaknesses may contribute to higher risk behaviours. The video telematics data gathered by the CameraMatics’ platform enables the fleet manager via iCOACH to provide a range of coaching modules that focus on helping drivers to make changes to their driving habits.

Eco-friendly driving habits tie in perfectly with CameraMatics’ desire to Innovate2Zero, delivering a solution that can help their customers to cut emissions and work towards increasingly stringent ESG targets.

Mervyn O’ Callaghan, CEO and Founder at CameraMatics, comments: “iCOACH is a truly innovative introduction to the telematics market, helping our platform to evolve and deliver even more value to our customers. We’re the first company to introduce an end-to-end driver training solution for fleet operators, using artificial intelligence to monitor driving habits and provide the most suitable coaching modules for individuals, and we believe we can help to change driving habits for the better, making the roads safer for all.”

Along with encouraging better and safer driving habits, effective driver training can also make a huge difference in other areas of fleet management. Safer driving results in lower insurance premiums, for example, and a safer driver is also a more efficient driver, resulting in lower fuel consumption, reduced emissions and savings in fuel costs.



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